Simplify communications with your business
associates around the world.

S-R Translations International, Inc./Language School can provide you with technical translations, typing, word processing and interpretation services in several languages. At present, we count with native speaking translators fluent in Spanish (Standard), French, Portuguese (Brazilian), Italian and German. We can also accommodate your translation needs to and from English and other languages, as well as provide proofreading services, film narration, writing and editing services.

Based in Houston, Texas, S-R Translations International, Inc./Language School routinely produces translations for the following types of materials: 

  • Advertising brochures, catalogs and flyers
  • Technical, sales and promotional materials
  • Operating, maintenance and  training manuals
  • Patents, data sheets and blue prints
  • Protocols and clinical studies
  • Geological and geophysical reports
  • Legal documents, contracts, certificates and joint venture agreements
  • Bid documents, inquiries and proposals
  • Audio-visual presentations, films and slide presentations
  • Business cards, signs, product labeling and exhibition materials
  • Books, magazines, periodicals and scientific journals
  • Diplomas, letters of recommendation and school transcripts